Congratulations Alice, Brad, Kate and Nicolle!

CONGRATULATIONS to Alice, Brad, Kate and Nicolle, all current third year trainees who have recently had their systematic literature reviews published! A huge achievement and some excellent examples of the high standard of work our trainees produce. Well done!

Conlin, A., & Braham, L. (2017). Comparison of outcomes of patients with personality disorder to patients with mental illness, following discharge from medium secure hospital: systematic review. The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, 1-22.

English, B., das Nair, R., & Tickle, A. (2017). Views and experiences of people with intellectual disabilities regarding intimate relationships: a qualitative metasynthesis. Sexuality and Disability.

French, K., Moghaddam, N. G., & Schröder, T. (2017). What is the Evidence for the Efficacy of Self-Help Acceptance and Commitment Therapy? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science.

Morris, N., Moghaddam, N., Tickle, A., & Biswas, S. (2017). The relationship between coping style and psychological distress in people with head and neck cancer: a systematic review. Psycho‐Oncology.



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