What our Trainees say

“I think it’s impossible to fully prepare someone for a placement in an area they’ve never before worked in but the course do provide a solid foundation in skills prior to placement that can then be built upon during clinical practice”

“Using study days for what they’re intended usually means that evenings and weekends are free. In the run up to a deadline this might change, but usually I’m free to enjoy the rest of my life outside of the course.”

“The people who are in my cohort! They did really well choosing trainees who all get on really well. The teaching is great too and changes have been made for the better.”

“My cohort. I’ve made friends for life who have supported me every step of the way. I have also enjoyed the placements and the new final year module which allows us to pick topics to learn in more detail.” 

“The variety of placements and mix of supervisors have been great. Being able to engage in CPD activities and training has been really valuable in increasing knowledge in areas of interest as well as preparing for qualified life.

We have started to apply for jobs and have not had any difficulties in getting interviews or jobs. It’s a sign that the course does well and “produces” clinical psychologists that employers are looking for.

“The quality of the teaching is excellent, and really relevant to placements. It’s great to be taught by local clinicians because you’re not just learning about something but also how to apply it. I feel like the teaching is really good at giving us skills.”

“The teaching is excellent and the cohort size is perfect.”

“The support offered by my personal tutor and mentor and the approachability of the entire course staff. I like the size of the group of trainees as we have all been able to get to know each other.”

“Placements have been my favourite aspect of the course due to the vast learning I have taken away from them about myself, service users, colleagues and the NHS in general”

“The quality of teaching and clinical experience that makes it so interesting. Also how brilliantly my group all get on.”

“I think that the teaching has been interesting, useful and varied.



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